Bridgwater Unit is available to hire during the day, evenings, nights and at weekends on a per hour basis or multiple hour package.

General Information

When considering how long to hire the unit for, please be aware that the venue will be opened 15 minutes before the hire period to allow for entry and orientation of the facility and will be locked 15 minutes after the hire period. If the hirer requires more time than this, for any reason, then this should be taken into account when deciding on how long to book the unit for.

If the venue is used for longer than the specified hire period then the hirer will be charged an additional £50 for every hour, or part thereof, until the venue is vacated.

Day Bookings

The unit is bookable during the day between 0800 and 1800 (8am – 6pm) with a minimum booking time of two hours at a cost of £22 per hour. Any additional hours can be added to the booking for a further £22 per hour thereafter.

Evening Bookings

Evening booking of the venue is from 1800 – 0000 (6pm – Midnight) and is inclusive of set up and cleaning time. All participants must have departed the venue by midnight.

The cost of the venue for this period is £120 regardless of the number of attendees, up to the maximum capacity, and  includes the use of the bar which is staffed by unit volunteers.

 If you believe that your event will require the venue to be open earlier than 1800 to allow for complicated or involved set up, then this is possible for additional cost of £7.50 per 30 minutes. Please include this on your booking form when making the booking. All participants must have vacated the unit by midnight and the venue returned to an acceptable state.

In addition to the hire cost a security deposit of £150 must also be paid at the time of booking which will be refunded to the hirer after the event and following agreement that the terms and conditions have been fully adhered to.


Once a booking form has been received, an invoice will be raised and sent to you for payment to be arranged. Payment can be via cheque, bank transfer or PayPal; details for each of these will be detailed on the invoice. A booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received and all payments must be made within five working days of the date of invoice. A receipt can be provided if requested.

Single / One Off Booking

Payment should either accompany the booking form if posted/hand delivered or electronic payment should be made within five working days of electronic receipt of the booking form.

Block / Multiple Booking Payment

The hirer can either pay the full cost of all hire periods upfront or on a monthly basis. Where payments are made monthly, the full cost of each month must be paid by the 7th of the following month in question. At this point a failure to pay will be sent and if no payment has been received by the 14th further bookings will be suspended until outstanding payments are settled.


Terms and Conditions